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Sales Management

Kim Gillette
General Sales Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 334

I've been in the car industry for over 30 years. I'm originally from St. Joseph, MI and love the beach. I am so excited to be close to Lake Michigan again! My favorite part about working in this industry is getting to meet so many people. A fun fact about myself is that I married the first boy I ever kissed.

Ben De St Jean
Ford Sales Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 318

I've been in the car industry for 12 years and with Lake Shore for 7.  I enjoy meeting new people and helping them get into the perfect car/truck/SUV that fits with their lifestyle.  Outside of work, I prefer to spend time with my daughter and bowl.  A fun fact about me is that I have bowled 25 Perfect 300 games!

Don Hadley
Ford Fleet Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 321

I stated my career at Boone Ford in Olympia, WA back in 1987 as Finance director.  I joined Lake Shore in 1991 as the Ford Sales Manager and have worn many hats over the years.  In addition to being the Ford Sales Manager, I've sat in the Toyota Sales Manager's seat, been Dealer Operations Manager and currently work as the dealerships Government and Commercial Fleet Manager.  The best thing about this industry is that it's always changing.  Technology, new models, and new co-workers make every day worth coming to work. A fun fact about me is that I have a trophy on my desk for winning the 13-year-old local Punt, Pass, and Kick competition…Sponsored by Ford.  When I'm not working, my wife of 32 years and our 3 dogs like to hike and when I can, I like to get out and play some golf.  I still think baseball is America's number one pastime so I try to see as many games as my schedule will allow.

Kyle Hiestand
Ford Assistant Fleet Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 337

I've been in the car industry for 6 years and my favorite part is working with different people, both employees and customers.  A fun fact about myself is that I know over 100 card tricks.  When I'm not at work, I like to BBQ, go camping, and travel.

Shawn Reeves
Used Sales Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 336

I have been in the car industry for 13 years.  I worked at Carmax for 11 years and have been at Lake Shore for almost 1 year now.  I've done over 25,000 appraisals and bought over 15,000 cars from auctions.  I really like the people I work with, seeing new vehicles, and creating happy repeat customers.  Most people don't know that I make my own wine and volunteer at a local community garden.  I also played football at Valparaiso University and have been to 4 national parks.  When I'm not working, I'm outside fishing, hunting, and gardening.



Jim Apostol
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext.

Mike Cochran
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext. 332

I've been in the car industry for 29 years and started here at Lake Shore back in 1989. I love meeting all the interesting people that I run across in this business.  I play a Vintage 1974 Fender Bass in a band in my spare time.  We play RnB & Motown type music.  Another fun fact is that I have 25 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.  Bob Kerr is a great guy to work for.

Adam Kerr
Sales Consultant

Peggy Malave
Sales Consultant, Assistant Finance
219-787-8600 ext. 329

Javier Morataya
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext. 335

Bill Ozug
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext. 326

Christopher Sheets
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext. 325

I've been in the car industry for almost 2 months and have been training at Lake Shore since November.  I really enjoy helping people make such an important purchase in their life.  When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my 3 small children as well as the occasional guys night.  I'm also a HUGE Chicago Bears fan.


Internet Sales and Marketing

Lauren Meyers
Digital Marketing Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 351

I've been in the car business for almost 2 years and love that every day is different.  Some fun facts about me are that I was a collegiate swimmer and recently got married to a guy who I've known since kindergarten.  We don't have any children but do have 2 large fur babies who are like our children.

Maureen Duggan
Internet Sales Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 303

I've been in the car industry for 10 years.  I like being able to solve problems and have the opportunity to enhance the "Lake Shore Experience" for our clients. Outside of work, I enjoy being in nature as much as I can.

Eileen Hyatt
Internet Sales Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 355

I've been in the car industry for 4 years and have been with Lake Shore since November 2017.  I like the friendly environment and enthusiastic personalities I get to work with. A fun fact about me, is that I was born and raised in Covina, California and my mother's childhood home was next door to Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.  They grew up together and were good friends before they moved.  When I'm not at work, I like to go geocaching, camping and heading down to Attica, IN to go off-roading at Badlands in my '98 Toyota 4Runner.

Courtney Osika
Automotive Photographer
219-787-8600 ext. 328

I've been in the car industry and here at Lake Shore for a little over a year.  I really like the friendly atmosphere and the business.  I was born in Georgia, play the flute, and have played soccer since I was 3.  Outside of work I like to take pictures of nature.

Ashley Ruvalcaba
Internet Sales Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 342

I've been in the car industry for 1 ½ years and have been with Lake Shore since January 2018.  I'm still a newbie, but learning the ropes quickly!  I like the fact that I work with a close group of women that all get along, not to mention all the clients I get the privilege to meet!  I'm a mom, so outside of work I spend a lot of time with my kids at the park and trying to keep them from getting hurt.


Finance and Office

Matt Peo
Finance Manager

Brian Sweeney
Finance Manager
219-787-8600 ext 319

Evelyn Avila
Title Clerk
219-787-8600 ext. 312

Laura Frisk
219-787-8600 ext. 330

Karen Jefferson
219-787-8600 ext. 313

Carrie Kitchens
Accounts Payable

Kristie Kiel
219-787-8600 ext. 311



Tim McKay
Service Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 305

Ken Synder
Service Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 304

Karen Westerman
Service Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 302



Jeff Mortenson
Parts Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 310

Larry (Chappy) Chapman
Parts Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 307

Jeremy LeCounte
Parts Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 308

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